Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

I wanna say "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" to all my readers! This year, 2010, has been the best year ever. I'll never forget it! I hope that you have also had this kind of year! All the best to 2011 - I hope it would be also something really incredible! :-)

PS. The correct translation to "Hyvää joulua ja übermahtavaa vuotta!" is "Merry Christmas and an über amazing year!"

Monday, November 29, 2010

017 - shiny

This is my 17th photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. The theme of 44th week was "Shiny". I took this photo at school, on November 19th, with Canon IXUS 100 IS.

I had to take some photos to the home page of our high school. This is one of them. It was a Friday morning when the sun was shining, I love sunrises! I especially like those tiles... :-)

016 - words

This is my 16th photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. The theme of 43rd week was "Words". I took this photo today with Canon IXUS 100 IS.

That Swedish text comes from Lauren Weisberger's book, The Devil Wears Prada (på svenska: Djävulen bär Prada). I'm still reading it though I bought it about year ago. Ooops...

I absolutely love everything which concern to words. I love books, magazines, blogs,  postcards and especially other languages (I love to learn new words and phrases)! I don't know why... hihi! Words are just a wonderful way to show my feelings :-)

015 - numbers

This is my 15th photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. The theme of 42nd theme was "Numbers". I took this also in Barcelona (on October 13th) with Canon IXUS 100 IS.

At first I have to say that I have no idea what photo this is... I don't remember that moment at all, haha! Only some posters :-)

double in one: 013 & 014 - shadows & reflections

This is my 13th photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. The theme of 40th week was "Shadows". I took this photo in Barcelona Airport (Aeropuerto de Barcelona) with Canon IXUS 100 IS.

I took this when I was waiting my luggages. That place was so amazing! Well, I have to admit that I fell in love with those stores! High heels, bags, clothes... I saw that man and his baby when I was waiting for my luggages. They made me smile! Awww, it was so lovely to see when that man was running because his baby wanted to crawl around the place. Baby was giggling all the time when he saw his dad...

Oh, I wanna back... :-)

P.S. I feel so stupid because I really don't know are those things shadows or reflections. Don't laugh! Theme of this week (48th) is "Reflections". Maybe I can use this one :-)

012 - orange

This is my 12th photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. I have taken this photo a long time ago with Samsung Digimax S500. The theme of week 39th was "Orange".
This is a typical view in Finland. I told before that fall is really amazing season here with all those colors. It's totally true. So if you will travel to Finland, do it in this time. It's really worth it!  :-)

I took this photo some few years ago (I don't know, maybe 2007 or 2008) when I was visiting at my grandparents. They have just amazing garden. I used to walk barefoot and pick beautiful flowers. I'll never forget when I got lost to their meadow which was full of sunflowers. When I looked up I only saw the sun and amazing flower. I felt like I was in fairytale!

Hope you like this! I really do because every those lovely moments spring to my mind!

P.S. I'm really happy right now. I had the last exam on this morning. Yep, I just had a terrible exam week (luckily the next one is on February 2011!). And now I can write some posts again because I have finally time for you guys! :-)

Monday, September 27, 2010

011- fall

This is my 11th photo in the BIG Photo ChallengeI have taken this photo on September 15, 2010. The photo has taken with Canon IXUS 100 IS.  The theme of 38th week was "Fall". 

Fall is really beautiful in Finland (especially in Lapland) with all those golden, yellow and red leaves. It's also my favorite season. Well, the girl behind umbrella is my nine years old sister. We were photographing fall colors which are really beautiful right now. I like all the colors of this picture from galoshes to leaves. Hope you like it too!

P.S. I'm really exciting right now. On October 1 is my 17th birthday and on October 9.-14. I'm finally in beautiful Barcelona! It has been my biggest dream ever - and it came true! Right now I'm in the seventh heaven :---)

P.P.S. I'm really, really sorry that I'm late with this challenge. I have had some school works so that's why I've been very busy. I'll post those expired posts slowly :-)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

010 - doorway

This is my 10th photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. This photo has taken with Canon IXUS 100 IS, on September 15. The theme of 37th week was "Doorways". 

I just took this picture at last week - so, here you are and hope you like it! :-)

009 - expressions

This is my ninth photo in the BIG Photo ChallengeI have taken this photo a long time ago. It was maybe the Summer when I was about  14 or 13 years old. The photo has taken with my first own camera, Samsung Digimax S500.  The theme of 36th week was "Expressions". 

Yep, that's me. I like this picture very much. I like those colors and my freckles. I think my eyelashes look like wings - LOL! It makes me smile - that was a happy summer :-)

Here you are, hope you like it too!

008 - red

This is my eighth photo in the BIG Photo ChallengeI have taken this on this morning (on September 27) when the sun was rising and the moment was amazing! The photo has taken with my Canon IXUS 100 IS.  The theme of 35th week was "Red".

Hope you like it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

007 - green

This is my seventh photo in the BIG Photo ChallengeI have taken this photo on July, 2008. The photo has taken with my first own camera (Samsung Digimax S500).  The theme of 26th week was "Green".

Our cat, Laku, gave birth four kitten on June, 2008. We named them as Kerttu, Ernesti, Kaapo and Luna. Do not laugh because those Finnish names sounds really weird (lol!). That name, Luna, is an international name. That kitten in photo is called Luna and I named her because she has a little moon on her face. Luna meand 'the moon' in Romany. Think it's a very wonderful name! We gave Luna to my cousins. Sadly Luna has lost and nobody does know where is she.

Well, I taken this photo when Luna was outside at the first time. She caught some butterflies and was really alert and happy! Finally she didn't want to come inside at all :-)

Hope you like this photo, I really do!

006 - special

This is my sixth photo in the BIG Photo ChallengeI have taken this photo on August, 2008. The photo has taken with my first own camera (Samsung Digimax S500).  The theme of 25th week was "Special". I wondered a long time what can I introduce with this theme. 

Well, I was sailing on the Baltic with my family and cousins. It was a really beautiful and sunny day.  I remember that day when I'm older. I've ever been sailing before that day and it was something special to me. We beached  to a fishermen's island here, in Finland (well, those people spoke Swedish because Finland is a bilingual country). That island, Gullkrona, was really beautiful and idyllic island with a smell of smoked fish (I love that smell! Does anyone else?). It was like a paradise!  When we came back, is saw that sailing. It's my namesake, it's also Mirella. It's a first namesake I have ever seen because my name is unusual in Finland. 

P.S. Here is a photo which I've taken from that island.
P.S. For Finnish people: Täällä on tietoa tuosta lumoavasta saaresta, saari sijaitsee siis Turun saaristossa. Valitettavasti saareen ei ole enää avointa pääsyä :-(
P.S. I'm really sorry that this post is quite late. We haven't had an Internet connection during two weeks.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

005 - small

This is my fifth photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. This photo has taken with Canon IXUS 100 IS. The theme of this week is "Small". I wondered what can I introduce with this theme. Finally, I have an idea. So, here are my stamps! 

I joined on Postcrossing on November (2009) and I fell in love! That was love at the first sight. Can I say like that? My new interests are postcards and stamps. I have also started a blog about it. Well, I got those stamps when I sent a Moomin card to the United States. Couple days after that I received some stamps from the same person (here is a link to my other blog and all stamps from that person you can see here)! I don't have a photo of my all stamps yet but I'm going to take it at this week. I have about 70 separated stamps because I started to collect them on March. I also have amazing stamps on the backside of postcard which is quite sad because I can't sever them :-(

Why do I love stamps? I think they tell a some kind of story about concerned country. Those stamps tell me a story about the history of the United States. Does anybody know the age of those stamps? They looks quite old! Their postmarks have broken which is quite sad.

Does anyone else collect stamps or postcards? Please tell me your story!

P.S. I'm sorry because this post is quite late. Our computer hasn't been my friend at this week...

Friday, June 11, 2010

004 - summer

This is my fourth photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. This photo has taken with Canon IXUS 100 IS. The theme of this week is "Summer". 

On April I was walking with my little sister. I wanted to took some  pictures of beautiful butterflies because I haven't got them before. Well, we went to a little forest and saw many  butterflies. I haven't seen so many butterflies before! That forest was full of them and I was like in the seventh heaven. My dream came true and my camera filled of photos of beatiful butterflies at the little moment! That butterfly is a small tortoiseshell and they are well-known in Europe. 

It was a very sunny spring day but the theme of this week is "Summer". Well, when I see butterflies and yellow flowers I know that the summertime has started.

P.S. Here, in Finland, the vacation started last week (and it ends on August) and I'm really exciting about that!.

P.P.S. Does anyone watch FIFA World Cup? And which is your favorite team? :-)

Friday, June 4, 2010

003 - new

This is my third photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. This photo has taken with Canon IXUS 100 IS. The theme of this week is "New".

My elder brother graduated his dual qualification ("kaksoistutkinto" in Finnish) yesterday. Dual qualification means that he completed his vocational school and Finnish gymnasium (which is quite different than in UK or USA) at the same time. So, now his career is automation mechanich or electrician. He is also an abitur (I'll graduate to abitur in spring of 2012). My brother participated to four tests: mother tongue (Finnish), foreign language (English), mathematics (ordinary level) and physics (advanced level).

Here, in Finland, is tradition to give that student cap to abitur. That is a mark that you have completed Finnish high school. However the most important thing is that he has a career which he like!

I hope you got my point because those words (especially dual qualification) were really difficult to write. I'm sorry :-)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

002 - water

This is my second photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. This photo has taken with Canon IXUS 100 IS. The theme of this week, "Water", is what I love.

This photo is from Naantali which is a idyllic city in south-western Finland near by the Baltic. It's also one of the most important tourist centers of Finland. I have lived there about ten first years in my life until we moved away. This city is always in my heart and it has     a huge effect on me and I'll never forget my time there. So, water is a peace of my life and it's really important thing in my life.

I just love that place! Maybe I'll move there when I have grown-up. If you sometimes visit in Finland, visit there. It's really worth it!

P.S. Did you know that Moomin World theme park is located in the city? I have been there many times in my childhood.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

001 - old

This is my first photo in the BIG Photo Challenge. This challenge is quite interesting because I love photographing though I've taken photos just five years (during this photo just three years). I have taken this photo on June, 2008. This photo has taken with my first own camera (Samsung Digimax S500).

This photo is taken in Turku, Finland. It was a sunny day when I walked near Aura River with my friends and family. I think it's a beautiful place and everyone have to go there if they visit here, in Finland.

When I read the theme of this week, "Old", this photo came in to my mind. I think it represent this theme pretty good. Maybe everyone noticed, that car is Volkswagen Beetle (Volkswagen "Kupla" as we say in Finnish). That car was really old with its old number plates. The building on the background is also really old. It's old brewery which has built in 1880s. I like its old style really much.

about me

I’m a 16-year-old high school student from western Finland. I live in family with mum, dad, elder brother (18), younger brother (13) and sister (9). We have one cat (4) and one dog (6). I have born on Oct 1st in 1993. My interests are photographing, reading (you can find me in Shelfari), shopping, dreaming, relaxing, other languages and cultures, and lot of other things. I collect perfumes, shoes, good books, postcards and stamps. Cameras which I use are Samsung Digimax S500 and Canon IXUS 100 IS. My biggest idols are Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. They were very talented and beautiful women.

I have many dreams. Most of my dream is about traveling. For example I would love to travel to Barcelona, Madrid, NY, LA, Miami, Las Vegas, Caracas, London, Paris, Milano, and Shanghai. My the biggest dream is travel to Spain. Actually I'll travel to Barcelona on Oct. I love Spain!

I can speak Finnish, Swedish, English, and I’m learning Italian and Spanish.

Check my other blog where I'm going to write about my Postcrossing project. I have also joined in Day Zero project.