Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Thursday, July 15, 2010

007 - green

This is my seventh photo in the BIG Photo ChallengeI have taken this photo on July, 2008. The photo has taken with my first own camera (Samsung Digimax S500).  The theme of 26th week was "Green".

Our cat, Laku, gave birth four kitten on June, 2008. We named them as Kerttu, Ernesti, Kaapo and Luna. Do not laugh because those Finnish names sounds really weird (lol!). That name, Luna, is an international name. That kitten in photo is called Luna and I named her because she has a little moon on her face. Luna meand 'the moon' in Romany. Think it's a very wonderful name! We gave Luna to my cousins. Sadly Luna has lost and nobody does know where is she.

Well, I taken this photo when Luna was outside at the first time. She caught some butterflies and was really alert and happy! Finally she didn't want to come inside at all :-)

Hope you like this photo, I really do!

006 - special

This is my sixth photo in the BIG Photo ChallengeI have taken this photo on August, 2008. The photo has taken with my first own camera (Samsung Digimax S500).  The theme of 25th week was "Special". I wondered a long time what can I introduce with this theme. 

Well, I was sailing on the Baltic with my family and cousins. It was a really beautiful and sunny day.  I remember that day when I'm older. I've ever been sailing before that day and it was something special to me. We beached  to a fishermen's island here, in Finland (well, those people spoke Swedish because Finland is a bilingual country). That island, Gullkrona, was really beautiful and idyllic island with a smell of smoked fish (I love that smell! Does anyone else?). It was like a paradise!  When we came back, is saw that sailing. It's my namesake, it's also Mirella. It's a first namesake I have ever seen because my name is unusual in Finland. 

P.S. Here is a photo which I've taken from that island.
P.S. For Finnish people: Täällä on tietoa tuosta lumoavasta saaresta, saari sijaitsee siis Turun saaristossa. Valitettavasti saareen ei ole enää avointa pääsyä :-(
P.S. I'm really sorry that this post is quite late. We haven't had an Internet connection during two weeks.